July 10, 2017

By July 10, 2017 August 10th, 2017 News

Good morning all.

We hope you had a great weekend. The weather at Chautauqua has been great the last few days and today looks like it’s shaping up as another.

With the herbicides placed in Bemus Bay and the associated Data Collection Project well underway, it’s time to turn our attention to the CLP’s 2017 Shoreline Cleanup Demonstration Project. CLP will conduct this Project July 17-31, 2017, along the Bemus Bay shoreline. CLP will deploy what it believes to be a safer, less labor intensive and more cost effective method to remove weed fragments and rotted-weed sludge from the near shore and shoreline. Weed fragments and sludge foul the shoreline making lake access difficult or impossible and create the foul odor experienced in many areas of the lake.

You will see a barge-mounted and dual paddlewheel-driven HydroRake with an articulated arm and rake (see attachment) working the near shore and shoreline picking up weeds and sludge. Two self-propelled pontoon boats, modified for this purpose by local contractors, will transport the weeds and sludge to an offloading facility where the Chautauqua Lake Association (CLA) will take it to local farmers for use as compost.

Mike Latone, CLP Treasurer, has organized this Project. We have a plan to ensure all aspects of the process get evaluated during the two week Project. We’ll check weed and sludge removal effectiveness near shore and at the shoreline. We’ll operate in shallow water, hopefully as little as 18″ and in deeper water. We’ll test removal efficiency, how much weed/sludge can be removed in an hour, two hours, etc.

We are hoping Chautauqua County will provide the $10,000 required to obtain the additional $10,000 matching grant from the Chautauqua Regional Community Foundation. Although we’ve raised a significant amount from individuals, businesses and local foundations and hope for the $10,000 plus $10,000 mentioned, we will require additional donations to finalize critical planning for 2018 and begin that work. Donations should be made payable to the Chautauqua Lake Partnership and mailed to class=”m_-3457453957594449502x_contextualExtensionHighlight m_-3457453957594449502x_ms-font-color-themePrimary m_-3457453957594449502x_ms-border-color-themePrimary m_-3457453957594449502x_ident_147_176″>PO Box 81, Lakewood, NY 14750. Or, contact Sara DeMink, CLP Fundraising Chairperson, at sdclp@chautauqualakepartners.com.

Thanks you for your support.

“Chautauqua Lake, A Great Lake Seeking A Greater Future”

Chautauqua Lake Partnership

  • Jim Cirbus, President
  • Jim Wehrfritz, Vice President
  • Mike Latone, Treasurer
  • Karen Rine, Secretary
  • Board Members: Jennifer Gibson and Jami Henderson
  • Fundraising Chairperson: Sara DeMink
  • Biology Advisor: Tom Erlandson, PhD