Herbicide programs are normally facilitated by a single lake association on behalf of an entire lake and it’s lake communities, but on Chautauqua Lake, the “against” groups, including the CLA

1) Do not acknowledge invasives are a problem and at the same time,

2) Maintain that they are kept under control through mechanical harvesting and milfoil weevils.

The CLP exists to address this gap and facilitate action on behalf of the people most impacted.

   Generally “for” use of herbicides

  • CLP (Chautauqua Lake Partnership) 
  • County (fund herbicides as well as harvesting)
  • CLFA (Chautauqua Lake Fishing Association)
  • Lakefront home owners
  • Business owners
  • Most Towns & Villages
  • Recreational users
  • Tourists and visitors

   Generally “neutral”


May be subject to political influence

       Generally  “against”

  • CLA (Chautauqua Lake Association)
  • CWC (Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy)
  • CCC (Chautauqua-Conewango Consortium)
  • Chautauqua Institution
  • Jefferson Project
  • Some Towns & Villages