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How to Help

Your contributions are vital to support CLP

  • Community outreach & communication
  • Lake Management & Aquatic Surveys
  • Special Projects & Legal Matters

Your voice matters.  Your elected and their appointees need to hear from you on issues that matter to you related to Chautauqua Lake. For example

  • Support of professional lake management
  • Support use of herbicides for managing invasive weeds
  • Objection to regulation of Chautauqua Lake as wetland

Everyone can do something to help.

  • Attend CLP public meetings and educate yourself on the issues
  • Be attentive and responsive when CLP reaches out for a call-to-action
  • Attend public meetings of the county legistlature or your town/village board
  • Be an organizer or leader in your community or neighborhood


Under New York State’s Election Law, individuals who have two residences can choose one to which they have a legitimate, significant, and continuing attachment as their residence for voting purposes. This means that if you have a summer cottage or home in addition to another residence, you can designate the summer cottage/home as your residence for voting purposes if you have a legitimate, significant, and continuing attachment to that place.

Those with multiple homes need to ask themselves if they have a more significant electoral impact in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Buffalo, … or, in the local town in which their Chautauqua Lake property resides? At the national level, the effect will be pretty equal regardless of where you choose to vote. However, your impact on local elections (state, county, town) could play a substantial role in electing officials and altering policy within one area over the other. You can only register to vote in one local, might your vote have a more substantial influence here?

If you have a summer cottage or home in New York State and consider it to be your primary residence for voting purposes due to meeting these criteria, you can typically register to vote using that address. It’s important to follow the registration procedures and provide accurate information about your residence when registering to vote.

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Legitimate Attachment: This refers to a genuine connection or tie to the residence. It can be based on factors such as where you spend a significant amount of time, where you receive mail, where your personal belongings are kept, etc.
  2. Significant Attachment: This implies that the residence holds importance in your life and activities. It doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be your primary or permanent residence, but it should be a place where you have meaningful connections.
  3. Continuing Attachment: This indicates that the attachment is ongoing and not temporary or sporadic. It demonstrates a consistent relationship with the residence over time.
1. New York State Election Law Update 2009. Prepared by: The Office of Special Counsel. Kimberly A. Galvin, Special Counsel. Paul Collins, Deputy Counsel. Page 5, Section ‘Dual Residency’. [Obtained June 9, 2009].
2. How to change registration