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Advocate - Write to Officials

The CLP (Chautauqua Lake Partnership) urges you to submit your comments to the DEC and other key stakeholders to
  1. Object strongly to future classification of any additional parts of Chautauqua Lake as regulated wetland
  2. Support use of aquatic herbicides to manage invasive species

Your message should be customized based on the subject and recipient group you select from the list below.  

It does not have to be lengthy or take a lot of time to write, but should include the following:

  • Who you are as a stakeholder, for example, home owner, recreational user, business owner, etc.
  • What is at stake for you if the lake condition deteriorates
  • Why you are writing     (see example messaging points below)
  • Reference your LOCAL Chautauqua Lake address 

Call-to-Action Forms for towns that do not currently sponsor herbicides

Please direct messages to the town or village of your residence only. For example, if you live in the Town of Chautauqua and do not pay Village tax, direct your letter only to the Town.  If you live in the Village, you may direct yours to the Town, the Village, or both.

Send a message to the Governor using her contact form:

Governor Kathy Hochul    


The Honorable Kathy Hochul Governor of New York State NYS State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12224

Reference list for DEC, state and local officals

State Level DEC Leadership

DEC Interim Commissioner Sean Mahar[email protected] 

Head, Habitat Protection Section, JR Jacobson 

DEC DEC – Division of Fish and Wildlife [email protected]


DEC Region 9 Leadership

Director Julie Barrett-O’Neill  [email protected]  and [email protected]

Assistant Director Chad Staniszewski [email protected]

Pesticides (Herbicide Permitting)  Robert Freese  [email protected] and [email protected] 

EcoSystem Health (Wetlands)  [email protected]

NY State Representatives

State Senator George Borello  [email protected]  

Assemblyman District #150 Andy Goodell [email protected]

US Congressman Nick Langworthy [email protected]

Chautauqua County Representatives

County Executive PJ Wendel  [email protected] 

Legislator, District 8 Pierre Chagnon [email protected] 

Legislator, District 10 Jamie Gustafson  [email protected] 

Legislator, District 15 Lisa Vanstrom [email protected] 

Legislator, District 17 Travis Heiser [email protected] 

Legislator, District 18 Martin Proctor  [email protected]

Town /Village Representatives

Bemus Point Village Mayor Jeffry Molnar [email protected] 

Busti Town Supervisor Jesse Robbins  [email protected] 

Celoron Village Mayor Scott Schrecengost [email protected] 

Chautauqua Town Supervisor Donal Emhardt  [email protected] 

Ellery Town Supervisor Lawrence Anderson [email protected]

 Ellicott Town Supervisor Janet Bowman  [email protected] 

Harmony Town Supervisor John Brown  [email protected] 

Lakewood Village Mayor Randall Holcomb  [email protected] 

North Harmony Town Supervisor Robert Yates [email protected] 

Mayville Village Mayor Richard Syper [email protected]

Example content for messages

Governor & State Level DEC Officals

  • Object strongly to regulating any part of Chautauqua Lake as a wetland
  • Ask for Freshwater Lake exemption to be added to rules
  • Stress the economic importance of Chautauqua Lake  and that regulations should support not impede management of invasive species

NYS DEC Region 9

  • Object strongly to regulating any part of Chautauqua Lake as a wetland
  • Voice your support for professionally managed herbicide treatments in support of your town’s permit application
  • Talk about experience of invasive lake weeds prior to treatments (2020) and about the improved conditions experienced in 2022 and 2023

State and County Elected Officals

  • Object strongly to regulation of Chautauqua Lake as wetland
  • Support funding for Chautauqua Lake water quality and invasive aquatic plant management including herbicide treatments

Town / Village Elected Officials

  • Object strongly to regulation of Chautauqua Lake as wetland
  • Voice  your support for professionally managed herbicide treatments for your town and lake-wide