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Board of Directors

President:  Jim Cirbus  MD  FACC

Board certified cardiologist and Director of the Heart Center at UPMC Chautauqua WCA. Founding member and past President of Jamestown Area Medical Assoc. Past President of WCA Medical Staff, past member of WCA Board. Member United Way of Southern Chautauqua Co Board.  Graduate of Fordham University and NYU School of Medicine, SUNY at Buffalo Internal Medicine and Cardiology Programs. Clinical Instructor of Medicine LECOM.

Vice President:  Frank Nicotra

Associate Superintendent of Schools – Lake Shore Central Schools  
Senior Project Administrator – Mach Architecture  
Independent Consulting – Commercial/Residential construction planning and management.  
Master of Science in Education – State University of New York at Buffalo   SDA in Public School Administration – State University of New York at Buffalo.

Treasurer:  Mike LaTone

President D & S Glass Inc, owner Fluvanna Enterprises LLC, member National Comedy Center Board, Vice President Southern Tier Builders Association, past Chairman Real Estate Investors Association, past Treasurer Vikings Temple Corp.

Director: JoDee Johnson, PE

Licensed Professional Civil Engineer.  Masters degree in Environmental Engineering with focus on water systems.  Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Retired from Oil and Gas Industry with a focus on Operations and Projects management in Alaska and around the world.  Veteran USAF Officer deployed to hotspots around the world. 

Secretary: Mary Hutchings

Retired Manager of Acquisition Management for a prime contractor of the Naval Nuclear Program. Responsible for the contracts and purchasing supporting the development and production of the nuclear propulsion systems for the Navy’s submarines and aircraft carriers. Bachelors in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University. Served on the Board of Trustees for The Lawson Center from 2014 to 2020, as Secretary from 2015 to 2020.

Science Advisor:  Tom Erlandson, PhD

Retired Professor at Jamestown Community College (27 yr), MS in Entomology, PhD in Zoology; past member Chautauqua Lake Management Commission, past administrator Ohio River Consortium for Research and Education, consultant for Forecon Inc.

Science Advisor:  Dr. Doug Neckers

PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Kansas, McMaster Distinguished Research Professor, Emeritus, Retired University Professor, Spectra Group, Chief Executive Officer, Robert H. Jackson Center Board, Chairman, PhD Advisor (37 Students, Peer-Reviewed Author (>10 Books and >400 Papers) and Inventor (>70 Patents).