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Lake Management

Lake Manager

Ideally Chautauqua Lake would be managed comprehensively, under the supervision and guidance of a Professional Lake Manager, using best practices based on both scientific research, Chatauqua Lake data, and demonstrated best practices to improve water quality and restore the ecosystem.

Due to the split scopes of our lake organizations, the CLP engages Glenn Sullivan/Ready Scout LLC to professionally manage the overall herbicide program for Chautauqua lake, including selection of herbicides and target areas, timing, facilitation of the NYS DEC permitting process, and sourcing/oversight of herbicide applications.  Glenn has over 30+ years experience in aquatic plant management and Lake Management.

  • Past President and Board Member – Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society – 2000 – 2020
  • President – New York State Aquatic Managers Association
  • Licensed Aquatic Pesticide Applicator in New York, New Jersey and Ontario, Canada
  • NALMS Certified Lake Manager #98
  • Ducks Unlimited Bronze Sponsor – 20 years

Lake Science and Data

CLP engages North Carolina State University under the guidance of Dr. Rob Richardson to conduct independent aquatic surveys, design experiments and management strategies based on the latest aquatic plant science.  Rob is a Professor and Extension Specialist with responsibilities for Aquatic and Non-cropland Weed Science. Since 2005, he has directed the Aquatic Plant Management project at NCSU.

NCSU Aquatic Plant Management Program

• Extensive experience monitoring submersed aquatic vegetation
• Helped develop protocol for using over the counter hydroacoustic technology for submersed vegetation monitoring
• Survey ~ 100,000 acres of freshwater each year
• Over 50 years of experience in freshwater management and have worked in diverse locations throughout the United States

NCSU has Completed extensive full lake surveys at Chautauqua Lake annually since 2020
• Collect and analyze hydroacoustic and point intercept data annually at up to 1000 sites throughout the lake
• Follow repeatable, standardized methodology
• Document presence and extent of aquatic plant species during Fall and Spring seasons
• Present and share results through written reports and conference presentations

Full reports, maps, and data are posted to the Chautauqua Lake & Watershed Management Alliance website.


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)

Chautauqua Lake itself is owned by and under the jurisdiction of New York State, and governed by the NYSDEC. Chautauqua Lake is located in Region 9, which encompasses Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Niagara, and Wyoming Counties.

Permitting for the application of aquatic herbicides is administered by the DECs Bureau of Pesticide Management.  Herbicides are considered a type of pesticide impacting plants similarly to insecticides impacting incects.

Lake Management Approach

The CLP Lake Manager facilitates this process on behalf of the Chautauqua lakefront towns and villages, and on a limited basis for homeowner groups where the town or village has elected not to sponsor herbicides.  The process includes:

  • Development of targeted areas based on analysis of aquatic plant survey maps and data
  • Accounting for fish exclusion zones and wetland buffer zones
  • Preparation of applications, signatures, and submissions
  • Notifications (to riparian homeowners and other stakeholders) as required by the NYSDEC
  • Contracting for professional in-water herbicide application (not “spraying”)
  • Coordination with the NYSDEC for pre-treatment and day-of-treatment requirements as well as with the applicator