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October 10, 2020

CLP and Ellery File Lawsuit

The Chautauqua Lake Partnership and the Town of Ellery have petitioned the Supreme Court of theĀ State of New York in Chautauqua County to invalidate the June 2020 New York State…
September 14, 2020

Independent Weed Survey

The summer is wrapping up and so are the projects on the lake.  Chautauqua Lake Partnership (CLP) recently helped to arrange an independent weed survey performed by the University of…
September 1, 2020

HABITAT in Process

As you know, there has been a lot of activity on the lake regarding the Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).  Below, find an article from the August 31, 2020 Post Journal…
August 27, 2020

Water Chestnuts

Water Chestnuts In addition to weeds and algae, there is another invasive speciesĀ in the lake - water chestnuts. Provided below is an article from yesterday's PJ identifying the removal of…

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Lake residents remember a time not long ago when lake water was clear and the shoreline, near shore and lake bottom were free of weeds and sludge. We believe we can have that again. The time to consider alternative approaches is long overdue.

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