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Wetlands: Call-to-Action

The Problem:

The NYS DEC has publicly stated their intent to regulate much of the south basin of Chautauqua Lake as “wetland”.

The effect of this will cause significant issues, including but not limited to:

  • Barriers to managing the lake as a lake since rules are designed to protect vegetation and wetland animals (high risk that lake conditions will shift to wetland conditions)
  • Uncertainty to permitting process due to the additional permitting required for wetland (in addition to pesticide/herbicide permitting)
  • Uncertainty for homeowners and businesses regarding rights and the future condition of the lake
This is unacceptable to our community. We are asking for an exception or “carve-out” in the new rules that clearly exempts freshwater lakes or alternatively, exempts water bodies that meet a similar set of criteria as Chautauqua Lake. We need to protect actual wetlands, not create them out of the lake.
Go to the CLP webpage to learn more about this issue at  “Keep the Lake a Lake
Please add your voice to this objection by submitting your message in the form below, which will be directed to DEC leadership, both at the state level, and Region 9.  Upon successful submission, the letter will be generated with a salutation to the DEC and signed “Respectfully <your name> “. It will be sent to the DEC with a copy sent to your email and cc to CLP.

    Dear DEC Leadership and Region 9 Director,

    I am a resident of*

    I am a Chautauqua Lake stakeholder as*

    I strongly object to any part of Chautauqua Lake being regulated as wetland. Changes to Freshwater Wetlands Regulations 6 NYCRR Part 664, should clearly EXCLUDE Chautauqua Lake. Wetlands should be protected, but lakes should not be turned into wetlands.


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    It is important for you to write a personal message about specific concerns regarding how wetland regulation of the lake would potentially impact you  or your community. Some considerations:


    • Wetland = Swamp
    • The lake is a lake not a swamp, and should not be regulated as such
    • If this intent is not to change the lake into a wetland, then do not regulate as wetland
    • Property/real estate value depreciation (wetland value vs lake)
    • Increased tax rates on non-lakefront
    • Fewer visitors, tourism and sales tax revenue
    • Less business revenue
    • Very difficult barriers for herbicide permitting and no guarantee we could continue treatments
    • New barriers and uncertainty for mechanical harvesting
    • The goal of wetland protection is to protect the vegetation not to manage it – not what we want for our lake
    • Added cost, complexity and uncertainty due to regulations and new requirements
    • Impact on enjoyment of the lake without weed management
    • The overall economic impact on Chautauqua county