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January 22, 2017

By January 22, 2017August 10th, 2017News - CLP

Good afternoon.

To those who are new to the Bemus Bay Property Owners (BBPO) group, welcome.

To all BBPO, we are now a group of 47 and growing. Recall our group started with 10 in November and was 35 on January 9 when we last e-mailed you. Following is an update of activities and plans since January 9. There is a lot of activity.

  • Our January 12 meeting with the Town of Ellery Council went well. The attached set of charts was used in that meeting. Town Supervisor Arden Johnson told us they would do all they could to help us. We’re awaiting the Council’s response to our requests.
  • We’ll meet with the Chautauqua Lake Association Board on January 25. We’ll seek to confirm CLA Board positions on the upgrades we’ve requested to their operations.
  • We’ll participate in a meeting called by our County Executive Vince Horrigan at 7:00 pm on January 25 at the Village of Bemus Town Hall. This meeting is a follow-up to the one we had on November 14. We’ll hear CLA’s response to Vince’s request for CLA proposals for enhanced shoreline/nearshore cleanup as well as what else the County is pursuing to assist us with our problems. It’s very important to attend and show your support.
  • We’ll meet with the Town of Ellicott and Town of Ellery Town Clerks on Friday January 27 to review Town of Ellicott herbicide (2002-3) and dredging (recent) permitting applications and experiences.
  • We’ll meet with NYS Senator Cathy Young on February 3. We have copied the Senator on our 3 letters to the County and requested her assistance. This meeting is an opportunity to explain our problems and associated objectives, hear the County describe what they’re doing to assist and ascertain how the Senator/State may help.
  • A second meeting with the NYS DEC on herbicide permitting, a meeting with County Legislator Pierre Chagnon and a meeting with a herbicide application company are likely the week of January 23 or January 30.
Thanks for your support. Together, starting with our properties on Bemus Bay, we can help give Chautauqua Lake, a Great Lake, a Greater Future.Jim Wehrfritz, Mike Latone, Jim Cirbus, Randy Present and Jamie Henderson

on behalf of Bemus Bay Property Owners (contact information on attached BBPO Summary)