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Read The Reports On The Health Of The Lake

By December 21, 2019March 22nd, 2024Herbicides, Invasives/Weeds, Letter

Lynn Sullivan

To The Reader’s Forum:

Two reports were sent out this month concerning the health of Lake Chautauqua, specifically referencing the use of herbicides last summer. Read them.

The Shed Sheet should be renamed, Bull Shed is more fitting. What a hoax they spread claiming the use of herbicides last summer was ineffective. To begin, please do not believe for one minute they “partnered” with the CLP. We who fought for, begged for, waited for our lake to be treated, thus usable, remember the Watershed Conservancy blocking every effort to bring the lake back to life. More importantly, the Conservancy continues in its efforts to stop spraying. Why else would they misconstrue the report by Princeton Hydro? And why else would they claim the decline in biomass after spraying was insignificant? It wasn’t. Simply go along the lakeshore and notice residents can now swim, boat and sit outside next to the lake that is no longer choked with weeds. In fact, the Chautauqua Lake Partnership more accurately shares these findings: “Princeton-Hydro documented the success of this treatment with no adverse effects. The targeted invasive leads were greatly eradicated, the native vegetation re-emerged as anticipated and there was no significant drift other than what was predicted.”

Read both reports. Read them side by side.

The Watershed Conservancy must stop scaring those who live around the lake with false and misleading information. At one point in their scare-report it reads, “the suppression of aquatic plant growth with herbicides may actually enhance algae and cyanobacteria blooms. May actually? Well, that means it may not as well. It is time to stop twisting studies to prove a false point. Clearly the directors and staff have an agenda, but it is not even close to what is stated as their mission of preserving and enhancing the water quality of Lake Chautauqua. At this point it appears holding onto their jobs by using ineffective and outdated means is their only operation plan. Contrast their outmoded view with this from the CLP: “…we continue to concentrate on actively bringing novel solutions to these chronic Chautauqua Lake problems.”

Lynn Sullivan