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2020 Herbicide Application Update:

Many of us have seen beds of curly leaf pondweed reach the lake surface over the past few weeks around the lake in the littoral zone.  It has raised many questions on herbicide treatment for this year.    We have taken an adaptive management approach to this season.  With such an unusual spring bringing cooler water temperatures in May along with the challenges faced from Covid restrictions, we realized the likelihood of an late April, early May herbicide application which would address the curly leaf pondweed  was not possible.   This meant a reduced scope in our overall herbicide application program where we keyed in on eurasion milfoil.    Towns and villages applied for eurasian milfoil herbicide treatment in their areas of concern based on last fall’s survey results and anticipated results from the spring survey.  Because of the cooler water temps, we delayed our spring survey in Burtis Bay and in all other proposed  treatment areas.   This survey  was completed by Solitude this past week.   The plan forward is to discuss these results with NYS DEC this week with a goal of applying herbicides sometime during the 3rd or 4th of week of June for milfoil.  We will keep you informed of the areas approved by NYS DEC and when we plan on treating. 

Glenn Sullivan
Certified Lake Manager
Business Development Consultant
SOLitude Lake Management
[email protected]