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CLP Fundraiser

The CLP is participating in the Give Big CHQ fundraiser again in 2021.  Now in its fourth year, this event is sponsored by the Chautauqua Region and Norther Chautauqua Community Foundations.  We will be participating along with dozens of other area nonprofits in Give Big CHQ, an annual time of online giving. This will be a special opportunity for you to give to the CLP and make it count! 

This year the fundraiser will be over a 24 hour period on June 10.  Lots of fundraising needed in so little time!  The CLP was blown away by the funds we raised in 2020 – we were the non-profit that raised the most funds.  We need your help again this year!

Help us build a better future for the lake.
Your gifts will support our mission of making our lake beautiful and healthy. We are focusing on three big goals:

  • Funds to support the process for application of herbicides to the New York State Department of Environmental Control (NYS DEC). The success of the recent herbicide application program needs to continue.  The lake was free from weeds that inhibit use of the lake for boating, swimming and fishing; and contribute to Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).
  • Funds to support the joint Bowling Green State University Project to identify where phosphorous and nitrogen is coming into the lake and mitigate it.  Phosphorous and nitrogen contribute to the that have proliferation of HABs throughout Chautauqua Lake later in the summers. 
  • Funds to support surveys of the lake for the submissions for herbicide applications to the NYS DEC.

How can you give on June 10? It’s easy: