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Herbicide Update

By July 4, 2022March 22nd, 2024Herbicides, News - CLP

We have been slow to publish the maps where the herbicides for Eurasian milfoil were applied on June 14. It took some time to get the maps, and when we did, we were disappointed to see how little had been done in the South Basin of the lake (south of Greenhurst  in the Fluvanna area, where it is desperately needed; and in Celeron near the marinas). At the same time the maps were received, we determined that another round of permit applications was warranted for those areas. Permit applications have been submitted for those areas as of this week. We now must wait for NYS DEC’s response.

I have attached the maps of where the herbicides were applied in mid-June here:
1. Ellicott and Celeron
2. Ellery North – 2 maps
3. Ellery South – 2 maps
4. Lakewood and Busti

The map of what areas have been requested to get herbicides this month is here:
Celeron – Ellicott Round 2

We know conditions are not good in the South Basin and that the shorelines are pretty disgusting. Again, communication and pictures to the NYS DEC are always compelling. You can send your information to Chad Staniszewski at [email protected].

Thank you,
CLP Directors