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Herbicides 2023

By April 8, 2023March 22nd, 2024Herbicides

Herbicides 2023

The CLP is working with SOLitude and the townships/villages to finalize the initial permits for where herbicides may be applied in 2023.  You should have received, or soon will receive your Letter of Notification, dated March 29, 2023, in the mail.  The actual permit requests should be submitted soon to the NYS DEC.  

We are very concerned with the degree of involvement the groups that are opposed to herbicides have been pursuing with the NYS DEC.  It is important that the NYS DEC understand the need for prudent application of herbicides and the support for such from the people most affected by the weeds.  It would be greatly impactful if you could send an email to the NYS DEC Director, Julie Barrett-O’Neill, and Assistant Director, Chad Staniszewski identifying your support for the prudent application of herbicides and the negative impact the uncontrolled weed growth has had on your use of the lake, your health, and your property values. Please take the time to send a quick email to these individuals.  The email addresses for the NYS DEC personnel mentioned above are:

Julie Barrett-O’Neill:   [email protected]
Chad Staniszewski: [email protected]

Funding Lake Initiatives

Even though the CLPRA was disbanded, there are still discussions underway to address the ongoing need for funding lake maintenance.  One source of funding that has been discussed in the past to support lake initiatives is a “boat tax”. County Executive PJ Wendel has announced there will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 12, at 5:30 p.m. in the Legislative Chambers in order to explore and discuss the need for boat user fees on Chautauqua Lake. “This meeting will begin the dialogue and discuss the formation of a committee to look into such fees being applied to Chautauqua Lake in the effort to create a dedicated funding source that would be implemented in 2024 for lake maintenance projects,” he said in his statement. See the complete article here:

Boat fees as a source of funding lake maintenance initiatives has been successfully implemented for Lake George.  If you are interested in hearing about the concept as it would be implemented for Chautauqua Lake, you can attend the meeting noted above. Of course, if boat fees are pursued, that would be a funding source, but there is still no definition of what would be done with the money and who would manage the efforts and funds.