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CLP Board Expands

The Chautauqua Lake Partnership (CLP) is pleased to announce the addition of two directors and two advisors to the CLP Board of Directors. The new additions and a brief description of their backgrounds are:

Director Dr. Terrence Toy – Terry has been involved in erosion and sediment control throughout his career. He has prepared reports on related lake-science topics pertaining to Chautauqua Lake.
Director Rick McMahon – Rick has been a local realtor, specializing in lake-front property for over 25 years.  His knowledge of the lake and its issues is extensive.
Advisor Jackie Damore – Jackie is a recent property owner on Chautauqua Lake and is retired from Corning Inc.  She has an engineering and project management background.
Advisor Greg Pfeifer – Greg is an environmental lawyer for a large industrial manufacturing company. In addition to his environmental law background, Greg worked as a petroleum engineer. Greg will not be providing legal advice to CLP but rather, will be an Advisor on CLP matters generally.

There is more information about these individuals on the CLP website under the Board of Directors.  We are very excited to include them and to use their expertise to help navigate the future of Chautauqua Lake’s health.