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Donate on June 13 to Keep the Lake a Lake!

The CLP Is participating in Give Big CHQ again this year.  Our focus for donations this year is supporting the efforts to ensure that the new Freshwater Wetlands Regulations won’t apply to Chautauqua Lake, or any other New York freshwater lake! We need your support to fight this inappropriate application of the wetlands regulations. Donate on June 13th.There are several ways to increase the value of your donation:

CLP Board members will be matching donations up to $700 at various times throughout the day. The times will be announced as we approach the Giving Day.

Give Big Chautauqua will also provide the following incentives:

  • Donate between the hours of 7:16am to 7:16pm and you can help us qualify for additional dollars through the 716 Stretch Pool.
  • Starting at 2pm or until the match pool of $2,000 is exhausted, all online donations will be matched.
  • Between the hours of 12am to 7am, up to 20 nonprofits that receive an online donation will randomly be selected to receive a $100 bonus award.
  • Between the hour of 9pm to 10pm. Up to 10 nonprofits that receive an online donation will randomly be selected to receive a $100 bonus award.

 How can you give on June 13? It’s easy:

  • Go to and select Chautauqua Lake Partnership at the top of page 2; press the donate button on our page and fill in the appropriate information.
  • Set a reminder for June 13, 2023. That’s the only day you’ll be able to give through this program.
  • Take advantage of special online challenges and matching grants that will make your gift go even farther.

Reminders for the donations will be sent out and the information needed to donate will be provided again. The lake is in a potentially critical segue regarding the Freshwater Wetlands Regulation. The funds you donate will enable the CLP to continue our efforts to prevent the application of the new wetlands regulations to Chautauqua Lake.

As usual, we are ever grateful for your support!