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2024 Herbicide Permits: Call-to-Action

The CCC (Chautauqua-Conewango Consortium) advocacy group has facilitated a letter writing campaign directed to the DEC to oppose herbicide treatments for Chautauqua Lake for 2024.
In order to have your voice and opinion also heard, the CLP is requesting your support for 2024 herbicide permit applications.   Please take a moment to fill out the following form and add your personalized statement in support of herbicides for the 2024 season.
Go to CHQLAKE.ORG to find more information about invasive species, herbicides, and the lake management approach.
Upon successful submission, this will generate a letter with a salutation to the offical and signed “Respectfully, <your name>.  You simply need to add a few supporting statements , submit, and the letter will automatically be sent to the Pesticides Office of DEC Region 9, with a copy to your email and cc to CLP.

    Dear Mr. Freese,

    I am a resident of*

    I am a Chautauqua Lake stakeholder as*

    I am writing to support the 2024 herbicide permit applications for Chautauqua Lake.


    (Your Name will automatically be inserted here)

    Please prove you are human by selecting the truck.

    It is important for you to write a personal message in support of the 2024 herbicide applications.  Some points to consider:


    • The criticality of herbicide treatment for management of invasive weeds
    • You have received and understand information related to the specific herbicides proposed for use on Chautauqua Lake (Aquithol K and PerocellaCOR)
    • You have received adequate notifications for proposed treatement areas
    • You are satisfied that the treatments are done in accordance with DEC regulations
    • You are satisfied that all necessary safety precautions are taken into account and the treatments pose no threat to yourself, your pets, or the animal life in the lake
    • Your experience with prior years treatments and the postive impact on lake conditions