WGRZ-TV, Channel 2 in Buffalo visits Chautauqua Lake

By August 10, 2018 News

WGRZ-TV, Channel 2 in Buffalo, visited Chautauqua Lake late last Friday (August 3, 2018) afternoon.

What they got to see was Burtis Bay from the Celoron lighthouse and the Ellicott shoreline, a Bay choked with growing weeds and a shoreline heavy with fragments and algae, not a pretty sight.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get to see Bemus, Bly, Ashville and Sunset Bays or offshore the Town of Busti (excluding Lakewood), areas free of invasive weeds and fragments.. These herbicide-treated areas, a total of 81 acres in 13,000 acre Chautauqua Lake, were treated with herbicides on June 11, under permits issued to three Towns.

In the news clip, you’ll see and hear from Karen Rine, past Chautauqua Lake Partnership (Partnership) President and Secretary,  Jim Cirbus, Partnership President, and Mike Latone, Partnership Treasurer.

You’ll also hear Doug Conroe, Executive Director of the Chautauqua Lake Association, the organization which operates the weed cutters, predict the annual Burtis Bay algae bloom. Blue-green algae, cyanobacteria and it’s toxins, have been responsible for the Lakewood beach closing since late June.

Most importantly, please see the Community Outreach information posted recently. The vast majority of year-round and seasonal residents want the herbicide treatments these areas got in 2018. The Partnership can help but it’s up to you to make it happen.


Watch the video from WGRZ here:  https://www.wgrz.com/mobile/article/news/local/weeds-toxic-algae-debate-over-treating-conditions-on-chautauqua-lake/71-580312842