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CLP Meeting Summary and PowerPoint Presentation

By March 16, 2024March 22nd, 2024Herbicides, Public Meeting, Wetlands

The March 16, meeting at The Lawson Center was well-attended; at least 150 people in-person and 90 people on Zoom.

Glenn Sullivan, Certified Lake Manager, and President of Ready Scout, LLC, was the primary presenter.  Glenn was a Chautauqua Lake Project Manager for Solitude from 2019-2023; has 30+ years experience in aquatic plant management; 20+ years on the Board of the Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society ; and 15+ years President of the New York State Aquatic Managers Association. The  CLP uses Glenn to help in the whole herbicide process.  The CLP also works with North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) Professor Rob Richardson’s department, Aquatic and Non-Cropland Weed Scientist in the Department of Crop Science.  Glen and Rob work closely together to make sure that the latest information about Chautauqua Lake (CL) and weed control to make sure that CL’s invasive weed issue is managed in accordance with factual information and best practices.

The issue of invasive weeds and herbicides was of interest to many, especially those in the Mayville and North Harmony areas where the local officials have voted to not use herbicides in the littoral areas of those communities.  It was clarified that homeowners can join together and go through the herbicide permit process themselves (with the help of CLP); it doesn’t have to be the town or village to request herbicides.  

Glenn also provided information on the wetlands issue, also included in the PowerPoint presentation. Essentially, the message on the wetlands issue is for all those concerned to send your concerns to the DEC and local and state officials.  CLP will be updating their website ( in the next week to provide you with a form that will provide you with contact information for those officials – including Governor Kathy Hochul! 

The Power Point presentation from the meeting is available here:

There was also a summary of the CLP and its mission provided to attendees and can be accessed here:

You need to be involved in the wetlands issue. Right now we need to be LOUD and make those who have influence hear us. It is an issue that will affect use of the lake and all of our homes, and in turn, the county, towns and villages with reduced assessment values of our properties. Make yourself heard.