Recent Articles on Chautauqua Lake

By September 10, 2018 News

The Chautauqua Institution’s lawsuit against the Town of Ellery and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is just the latest example of exhaustive and costly environmental studies followed by lawsuits filed by those with contrary financial, parochial or ideological interests, all resulting in the obvious and continuing deterioration of Chautauqua Lake.  See the Partnership’s OpEd published in the Sunday, September 9, 2018 Jamestown Post-Journal here:   Institute Lawsuit Again Stops Progress

Also, another Letter to the Post-Journal Editor, this one from a resident of Stow, questioned the wisdom and motivations of the Chautauqua Institution’s lawsuit.  Read the letter here:  Politics Hurting Chautauqua Lake.

In his letter, our fellow lake resident questions the Institution’s justification seeking to remove the scientifically (SEIS)-justified technology and widely-used tool (herbicides) from the Chautauqua Lake weed management toolkit to “battle the devasting effects of invasive species weeds” and continue the 30-year deterioration of the lake.