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Phosphorous Program with BGSU

Blue Green Algae Program for 2020

This year CLP is continuing to work with Bowling Green State University to identify hot spots in the lake related to Blue Green algae by measuring phosphorus in both the lake and in the tributaries coming into the lake.  Since last fall, we have been sampling the streams coming into Chautauqua Lake on a monthly basis.  We started with seven of them and earlier this year expanded our research to include all 16 major tributaries on a monthly basis.  In the lake this year, we plan on deploying 4 phosphorus sensors and 1 nitrogen sensor in both the North and South basins later this month/early June.  Last fall we deployed 2 sensors in the lake at Camp Merz and Hadley Bay to test viability of the sensors with the full study starting this year.  The sensor at Camp Merz was retrieved and the preliminary results indicate a lake phosphorus loading approximately 10 times higher than what we found at the creek mouths sampled in the North Basin.  We will keep you posted on results of the program as it unfolds later this year.   
Phosphorus Sensor Reward

Last fall we lost a phosphorus sensor near Hadley Bay.  It was on a buoy and when we went to retrieve it, it was missing.  We have scanned the bottom for it and have not been able to find it yet.  If you end up finding it, we are offering a $500 reward.  It is bright blue, weighs about 20 lbs and looks like a scuba tank.   See photo below: